4 comments on “RC Carbine Match Sept 8th, 2019

  1. Why no drum mags? How many rounds to complete the match? All paper targets or will there be some steel? Sling needed for anything? Price for the match? Requiring long guns be bagged between stages or are range flags in chambers safe enough? Will there be stages with mandatory reloads? And if so, how many magazines to complete that course of fire?

    • Round count will be somewhere between 120-140. Paper targets, yes. No steel. Sling would not be needed. One gun match and no movement to and from different bays.

      • I didn’t figure a stage would include multiple bays, I’m talking about going from one stage to the other, will a chamber flag be fine or will we need to bag them.

        • We will default to USPSA styles rules on the rifles. We do not have racks unfortunately. Chamber flags of some kind will be required. Carts or bags are fine. Without either, you would need to ensure that the rifle is straight up or straight down until stored on a safe table to whatever else we can get setup to store rifles while they are not be used. If you have any further questions, please refer to the USPSA rulebook on PCC handling.


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