Here are your scores from our USPSA Special Classifier Match on June 14th. We plan to wait until late MONDAY to post them to USPSA in case there are any errors.

Next up for us will be our Regular USPSA Match on 6/28/20. No Pre-Registration for the match; so again, if you plan to shoot with friends, please come early. Registration 9-9:45. Hammer Down 10am.

Just a reminder that our Special USPSA Classifier Match is this coming Sunday 6/14/20. We are going to host the 4 new 19 Series Classifiers along with 1 additional small Stage for a total of 5.

We are NOT doing pre-registration for this match. So if you plan to shoot with others or are hoping to start on a particular stage, you will need to get to the range early. Registration opens at 9am and closed at 9:45am.

See everyone at the range!!

Hello Everyone!! Just wanted to send a reminder that this coming Sunday, June 14th, we are hosting our annual Special USPSA Classifier Match. We plan to set the 4 Classifiers from the new 19 Series and 1 or 2 small field courses.

We will not be doing Pre-Registration for this one. So if you plan to shoot with friends or want to start on a particular stage, make sure to come early; otherwise we cannot guarantee your squad.

Registration is 9-9:45am. Hammer Down is at 10am. See everyone there!!

Hello Everyone. Wanted to send a reminder that in June we are hosting a Special USPSA Classifier Match on June 14th. Our plan is to set all 4 of the new 19 Series Classifiers plus 1 or 2 short field courses.

We will NOT be doing online registration for this one. So if you plan to shoot with a group, you would need to get to the range early (by 9:15am) in order to squad with your friends and keep the match balanced.

We will NOT be hosting a Steel Match in June but we plan to have one in July and possibly August. Be on the lookout for details.

See everyone at the range!!

River City Shooters would like to extend a VERY Special Thanks to Walther Firearms!! They donated a firearm certificate for our 2020 River City Shootout match!!

Please check these guys out for your shooting needs!! They are very quick to support the Shooting Sports!! Especially here in Texas!!

Congratulations to the Winner of the certificate, Michael Beavers!!

The 2020 River City Shootout sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports finally happened this weekend!! It was a great weekend of shooting!! Thank you to everyone who came out!!

Thank you to Sean at Red Dirt Shooting Sports for sponsoring this match again!! Shooters, please check out Red Dirt online first for any gear needs you have.

Congratulations to the Division Winners!!

Tyler Northcutt – Carry Optics

Sean Hynds – Limited

Blake Liles – Open (accepted by Trevor Cotter)

Greg Hesch – PCC

Johnny Gregory – Production (no photo)

Here are the official results….

Next up for RCSC is our yearly SPECIAL CLASSIFIER MATCH on June 14th. 4 Classifiers and 1 or 2 small field courses. See everyone out at the range!!

Hello Everyone, wanted to post a reminder that the River City Shootout is this weekend!! (rain or shine) and has a HAMMER DOWN time of 9am!! Not our usual 10. So please don’t be late.

Make sure to check in at registration when you get to the range so that we know you are there to shoot.

We are very excited that we are FINALLY able to host this match!! We look forward to seeing everyone!!

Hello everyone. With all that is going on in our Community, it has been decided to again make some changes to our Match Schedule. We really do hate to do this, but feel like it’s best to follow the information & guidance being provided and keep the safety of our shooters, members, and community in mind. Here are the following changes:

River City Shootout is being moved from April to May. We will replace our normal USPSA match with this match. So the Shootout will now be held on ***MAY 23/24***. At this time we will leave all pre-registered shooters on their current squads.

May Steel Challenge Match is being canceled to allow for everything in our community to settle down some.

Trust us, we can not wait to start hosting matches again!! See everyone out at the range….eventually!!!

Everyone, trust me, this was a very hard decision to make. But we have decided to Postpone the River City Shootout. We will unfortunately not be shooting the match this weekend.

We are looking to move it one month to let everything hopefully calm down. So we are slating the Shootout for April 25th & 26th.

We plan to simply move over the match to that weekend; keeping everyone on their same squads.

Again, we absolutely did not want to make this kind of decision, but did feel like it was the best for everyone with what is going on. Everyone please take care of yourselves!!

March 21st & 22nd. Stages are all set and ready to go!! We are shooting this match Rain or Shine!! We are right at a week away. There is still time to get signed up for this match. Go to and search RCSC and look for the Shootout.


Reminder that this match has a Hammer Down time of 9am!! Registration/Check-in is 8:00-8:45am. We will have dedicated RO’s for this match to help it flow better!!

And last but not least, we would again like to thank our match Sponsors. Sean at Red Dirt Shooting Sports is paying out for Division Winners (who meet the minimum shooter requirement) as well as provided the plaques for all Division Winners. And we had Walther step up with a Free Gun as a Grand Prize!! Please consider sending your business to these great people!!

See everyone at the Range!! Let’s have some FUN!!!!

For the 2020 River City Shootout, we have received a certificate from Walther for a PPQ Sub-Compact!! Walther was extremely generous to support our local match!! So please join us in expressing our Thanks to them!!!!

This prize is on top of the Cash Division Winnings (w/ minimum # per Division) from Sean at Red Dirt Shooting Sports!! Sean also provided the plaques for Division Winners again this year!! So also join us in thanking Sean!!

Registration for the 2020 River City Shootout is still open on Practiscore. If you have not registered yet, please search RCSC under Matches and get registered!! Reminder that we are HAMMER DOWN at 9am for this match!! (NOT 10am)

Here are your scores from our Steel Match from 3/8/20. Thank you to those who came to shoot with us!!

Next up for us will the the River City Shootout on 3/21 & 3/22. We will not be having our normal USPSA match that weekend. Only the Shootout. The RC Shootout is registration/check in 8-8.45am. HAMMER DOWN is at 9am for this match!!

Registration is still open on PS. So if you are not registered, please search RCSC under Matches and get yourself registered!!

Steel Challenge match this Sunday at River City; 3/8/20. No PS registration for this match. Registration will be at the range 9-9:45. Hammer Down at 10.

NOTE: TIME CHANGE SUNDAY!!! Daylight Savings is also this Sunday. Time goes Forward!! So please don’t run late!!

See everyone at the Range!!

Thank you to all who made it out to our USPSA Match this Sunday!! We all had a really great time!! Here are your scores:

Next up for River City is our Steel Challenge Match on 3/8/20. Registration 9-9:45am. Hammer Down 10:00am. $20 for the first gun & $10 for the second.

Then we have our 2020 Shootout sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports on March 21 & 22. Pre-Registration is open for this match on Practiscore. Search RCSC in Matches and get registered today!! Make sure to select a squad once approved to shoot to secure your spot.

As always we hate to do it. But based on the weather forecast and the front obviously moving in to SA, we have elected to CANCEl tomorrow’s Steel Match.

So next up for us will be USPSA on 2/23. Registration is live on PS. Search RCSC. Registration/Check-In 9-9:45. Hammer Down at 10.

Reminder that this coming Sunday 2/9/20, we will be hosting a Steel Challenge Match. 6 SCSA stages. Registration 9-9:45am with Hammer down at 10am.

*** Cost is $20 for the first gun. $10 for the 2nd gun. ***

We will not do pre-registration on PS. If you plan to shoot with others, please make sure to come early to register. Otherwise we may not be able to accommodate your squad request.

The 2020 River City Shootout sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports will be held on March 21st & 22nd. Shoot either Saturday or Sunday.

Registration is open on Practiscore. Go to / Matches and search RCSC and you will find it.

This will replace our regular USPSA match for March. Hammer Down time is 9am!! 7 Stages run like a Level II match w/ dedicated RO’s.

Get signed up today!!