REMINDER: we will be having a USPSA Special Classifier Match on Sunday 7/14/19. This match will consist of 4 USPSA Classifiers and 2 Field Courses. 4 Classifiers will get you a USPSA Classification in a new Division. Please make sure to have your USPSA Number ready for us. Registration is open on Practiscore. Please search RCSC in Matches to find it.

We will NOT be having a Steel Match in July!! Our next Steel Match will be on 8/11/19.

Hello Everyone!! Thank you to all who came to shoot with us today on a HOT day!! Hope everyone had a great time. Here are your Scores:

Next Up for River City is USPSA on 6/23/19. Registration @ 9am. Hammer Down @ 10am. Registration is open on Practiscore. Search RCSC.

After that we are having a Special USPSA Classifier Match on 7/14/19. We will NOT be having a Steel Challenge match in July!! Again, no Steel in July.

See everyone at the Range!!

From one big match for us… straight to announcing our next!!

The 2019 River City Shooters HOSEFEST , Sponsored by RED DIRT SHOOTING SPORTS will be held on Sunday, October 13th at 9am!!

Registration is now Live on Practiscore. This a 7 stage, one day match featuring courses of fast, all open targets (no hard cover or no shoots), with round counts of 45-55 rounds each!! We will have 3 Divisions only: Open, Limited, & PCC. Open and Limited will be scored Major no matter what ammo you use as well as Limited being open to Magazine lengths up to 170mm. PCC will be scored as Minor and drum magazines may be used.

How fast can you shoot??!! Come show us!! Visit Practiscore and search RCSC under Matches and you will find it. See you at the range…..

River City Shooters Shootout 2019 Sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports:

We had a GREAT time hosting this year’s Shootout. We would like to thank Sean at Red Dirt Shooting Sports for Sponsoring the match this weekend and providing the plaques for Division Winners. We would also like to thank the setup crews and all of the workers!! As well as those who stayed behind to help tear down and cleanup with us!! Thank You!!

And the Winners are:

HOA & Open Division: Wade Whetstone

Carry Optics Division: Rori Songco

PCC Division: David Lang

Production Division: Rowdy Bricco

Limited Division: Russ Gould

Hey everyone. Just wanted to send out a quick reminder that we will be having a Steel Match this coming Sunday 4/14/19.

After that our next match is the annual River City Shootout on 4/27 & 4/28!! Registration is still open on Practiscore. We do still have room in the match due to a Houston Level 2 happening the same weekend.

See everyone out there shooting with us!!