March 21st & 22nd. Shoot Saturday or Sunday. 7 Stages. $50. Hammer Down at 9am. Once again sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports!!

Red Dirt is offering up the Award Plaques as well as $100 per Division Winner (Divisions w/ 20 or more shooters).

Registration is LIVE on Practiscore. Search: RCSC 2020 ShootOut and get signed up today!!

Hello All!! Just a few reminders for this coming weekends’ Hosefest match. Hammer Down time for this one is at 9am!! Registration/Check In will open at 8am. Round count will likely be over 300; so bring plenty of ammo.

Currently the match is sold out. Depending on No Shows, we may be able to accommodate a few Walk In Shooters; but unfortunately we can make no guarantees.

See everyone at the Range on Sunday!!

Reminder that we will open Registration at 9am and close at 9:45. Hammer Down at 10am. Please bring plenty of water; it will be hot!!

For those who plan to use an SBR, we would advise for you to have paperwork for this firearm available should any member of Law Enforcement request it. Also, reminder that we will be using USPSA rules for their PCC Division for this match. Firearms considered Pistols should not be used. Chamber Flags will be required. Stored weapons should be bagged or carted and facing the berm when about to handle. Otherwise we really do mean for this to be a ‘Fun’ match.

A couple of questions that have been thrown our way. Round Count actually fell right at 200 rounds. So come prepared. No Drum or Coupled Magazines. No Suppressors. We cannot allow anyone to shoot twice or multiple Divisions on this one. We need everyone available to help Run & Reset Stages through this match. It will be extremely HOT!! and we would rather not have delays.

We are excited for this one!! So we look forward to seeing everyone at the range tomorrow!! (Sunday)

Registration 9-9:45am. Hammer down 10am. Divisions will be Carbine Irons, Carbine Optics, Heavy Irons, Heavy Optics, PCC Irons, PCC Optics.

We will be using Time Plus Format for the match. We will have a Required # of hits per targets with all Penalties being 5 seconds. Penalties: Miss, FTE, No Shoot Hit, General Procedural. For any FTE, score keeper would score the proper # of misses and then add an FTE penalty.

Magazines can be of any length but we will allow NO DRUM Magazines to be used.

We hope that this format will allow for a very basic but quick match since it is usually very hot. Please understand that we don’t normally do a Carbine Match, so props will be extremely limited based on what you normally may see.

We will be glad to hear feedback on what everyone thinks. However, we would gratefully request that you wait until a day or two after the match is over. This way our members can enjoy this match as well.

We will be opening registration on Practiscore soon. So please check that out and join us for our Match!!

Exciting News!!!! Sean from Red Dirt Shooting Sports has upped the anti for this match!!

Red Dirt is a River City sponsor. On top of sponsoring the plaques for our Hosefest match, Sean has graciously added a Prize to it. The Winners of each Division (Limited, Open, & PCC) will receive a $100 Prize!!!

He also has added a random drawing for a $100 Red Dirt Shooting Sports Gift Card!!

Thank you so much Sean!! Red Dirt Shooting Sports is a great place to get your shooting gear. And the best part is that Sean will personally deliver to our local River City USPSA Matches. Check out his website if you have not yet:

From one big match for us… straight to announcing our next!!

The 2019 River City Shooters HOSEFEST , Sponsored by RED DIRT SHOOTING SPORTS will be held on Sunday, October 13th at 9am!!

Registration is now Live on Practiscore. This a 7 stage, one day match featuring courses of fast, all open targets (no hard cover or no shoots), with round counts of 45-55 rounds each!! We will have 3 Divisions only: Open, Limited, & PCC. Open and Limited will be scored Major no matter what ammo you use as well as Limited being open to Magazine lengths up to 170mm. PCC will be scored as Minor and drum magazines may be used.

How fast can you shoot??!! Come show us!! Visit Practiscore and search RCSC under Matches and you will find it. See you at the range…..

Hey everyone. Just wanted to send out a quick reminder that we will be having a Steel Match this coming Sunday 4/14/19.

After that our next match is the annual River City Shootout on 4/27 & 4/28!! Registration is still open on Practiscore. We do still have room in the match due to a Houston Level 2 happening the same weekend.

See everyone out there shooting with us!!

Hello Everyone, just wanted to send out a quick reminder that next weekend 10/27 & 10/28, we have our annual Hosefest Match. Shoot either day, 7 Hoser Stages (open targets / high round counts per stage) for only $40. 

This match replaces our normal USPSA match and does have different times. Registration / Check In will begin at 8am – 8:45am. Shooters Meeting at 8:50am. Hammer Down will be at 9am. 

Pre-Registration is closed; but we are accepting walk on’s each day, Sat or Sun. If you plan to be a walk on, please come early (do not wait until 8:45+ to show up), and please be ready to be flexible as far as what squad you shoot on. We are planning on shooting this match Rain or Shine!! So we are a go!!!

For updates, please ‘Like’ our Facebook page. 

Thanks Everyone and see you at the range!!

Today’s scores…. We finally had a day of good weather to be able to shoot a match. Our first one in over a month!! Thanks to all who came out to shoot with us!!


If you haven’t heard, we have a new River City Sponsor: Red Dirt Shooting Sports. Sean offers various gear for competition shooting as well as some reloading must haves!! Best part is that Sean will personally deliver to most River City Matches!! So check out his website for your shooting needs!!


River City Hosefest!! This match replaces our normal USPSA weekend. This match is a Hoser match with no Classifier, Open Targets, and high round counts on every stage. Check out the Practiscore registration for more information; search RCSC in Matches and you will find it. 

Registration closes on Friday 10/19/18, but we should be able to accommodate walk on shooters as well. Shoot Saturday or Sunday; 7 stages. Hammer Down will be 9am for both days. Registration / Check In will start at 8am. 

See everyone there!!

Well Everyone, the weather has gotten us again. We are going to go ahead and early Cancel this coming Sunday’s USPSA Match. The ground at the range has seen continued rain with not enough dry / sunny days to clean up; plus more rain upcoming. So NO MATCH this coming Sunday 9/23/18.

Next up for us:

October Steel match on 10/14

River City Hosefest on 10/27 and 10/28 (Registration on Practiscore – Search RCSC)

November Steel match on 11/11/18