Scores from yesterday’s USPSA Match. Thank you to everyone who came out despite some wet conditions!!

Next up for River City is SCSA Steel Challenge on February 14th (Yes, Valentine’s Day….)

For 2021, all of our SCSA Matches will be in the 1st half of the year. With the exception of March, we will have SCSA matches on the 2nd Sunday of each month through June. July will be a USPSA Special Classifier match. And we will update the rest of it as we make decisions.

2020 Hosefest is in the books. There are a lot of people to thank!! The members who setup and worked the match. The shooters who were able to come out and shoot with us. And Sean at Red Dirt Shooting Sports for sponsoring the match!! Congratulations to our Division Winners!!

PCC: Justin Corona

Open: Rick Rios

Limited: Russ Gould

Next up for River City: our last USPSA match of the year will be on 10/25/20. This one WILL be on Practiscore; but please only sign up if you know that you will make it. We plan to keep the round count between 110-130 in consideration of ammo & component shortages. And then here’s how we finish up 2020:

USPSA: 10/25/20

Carbine Match: 11/8/20

Hybrid Steel: 12/13/20

Here are your scores from our USPSA Special Classifier Match on June 14th. We plan to wait until late MONDAY to post them to USPSA in case there are any errors.

Next up for us will be our Regular USPSA Match on 6/28/20. No Pre-Registration for the match; so again, if you plan to shoot with friends, please come early. Registration 9-9:45. Hammer Down 10am.

The 2020 River City Shootout sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports finally happened this weekend!! It was a great weekend of shooting!! Thank you to everyone who came out!!

Thank you to Sean at Red Dirt Shooting Sports for sponsoring this match again!! Shooters, please check out Red Dirt online first for any gear needs you have.

Congratulations to the Division Winners!!

Tyler Northcutt – Carry Optics

Sean Hynds – Limited

Blake Liles – Open (accepted by Trevor Cotter)

Greg Hesch – PCC

Johnny Gregory – Production (no photo)

Here are the official results….

Next up for RCSC is our yearly SPECIAL CLASSIFIER MATCH on June 14th. 4 Classifiers and 1 or 2 small field courses. See everyone out at the range!!

Here are your scores from our Steel Match from 3/8/20. Thank you to those who came to shoot with us!!

Next up for us will the the River City Shootout on 3/21 & 3/22. We will not be having our normal USPSA match that weekend. Only the Shootout. The RC Shootout is registration/check in 8-8.45am. HAMMER DOWN is at 9am for this match!!

Registration is still open on PS. So if you are not registered, please search RCSC under Matches and get yourself registered!!

Thank you to all who made it out to our USPSA Match this Sunday!! We all had a really great time!! Here are your scores:

Next up for River City is our Steel Challenge Match on 3/8/20. Registration 9-9:45am. Hammer Down 10:00am. $20 for the first gun & $10 for the second.

Then we have our 2020 Shootout sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports on March 21 & 22. Pre-Registration is open for this match on Practiscore. Search RCSC in Matches and get registered today!! Make sure to select a squad once approved to shoot to secure your spot.

Here are your scores from our USPSA match on 10/27. Thank you to all who came out to shoot with us!!

Next up for us will be a USPSA Match on 11/10/19. This will be our last match for 2019. Regular times for this one. We will NOT be doing Practiscore signup for it either. Please come see us to Register.

We will be working on our Calendar for 2020. We will create a post here that will get emailed out as well as on Facebook when we get it updated so that everyone knows.

Here are your Scores!! Congratulations to the Winners in each Division!! Thanks to Sean Hynds at Red Dirt Shooting Sports they went home with a beautiful plaque and $100!!

Open – Casey Ryan (didn’t get a pic w/ Casey)

Limited – Sean Hynds

PCC (Major) – Ethan Inocando

Us here at River City Shooters would like to thank all of the shooters who participated in this match. We would also like to send a special Thank You to Sean at Red Dirt for doing so much in sponsorship for our club!! We really appreciate being partners with him and his business!! If you need gear, please look at Red Dirt Shooting Sports and let Sean help you out!!

Also a special Thank You to all of our Club Members who worked really hard to put this match together. We have a few spend quite a bit of time getting things together for this match!! So Thank You!!!!!

Congratulations to all of the Division Winners for our Carbine Match today!! We do not normally host Carbine. But maybe more in the future!!

Carbine Optic – Kevin Kangeter

Heavy Optic – JT Jones

PCC Optic – David Lang

Carbine Irons – Zeke Hernandez

Next up for River City is our USPSA Match on Sept 22nd. Then we are a month away from the River City Hosefest on Oct 13th!!!!