Hello Everyone!! Thank you to all who came to shoot with us today on a HOT day!! Hope everyone had a great time. Here are your Scores:

Next Up for River City is USPSA on 6/23/19. Registration @ 9am. Hammer Down @ 10am. Registration is open on Practiscore. Search RCSC.

After that we are having a Special USPSA Classifier Match on 7/14/19. We will NOT be having a Steel Challenge match in July!! Again, no Steel in July.

See everyone at the Range!!

River City Shooters Shootout 2019 Sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports:

We had a GREAT time hosting this year’s Shootout. We would like to thank Sean at Red Dirt Shooting Sports for Sponsoring the match this weekend and providing the plaques for Division Winners. We would also like to thank the setup crews and all of the workers!! As well as those who stayed behind to help tear down and cleanup with us!! Thank You!!

And the Winners are:

HOA & Open Division: Wade Whetstone

Carry Optics Division: Rori Songco

PCC Division: David Lang

Production Division: Rowdy Bricco

Limited Division: Russ Gould

Thank you to everyone who came to shoot with us for our Annual Hosefest Match. We felt like it was a lot of fun with great weather!! Thank you as well to everyone of our members who setup and worked the match!!! 

Also, thank you to Sean over at Red Dirt Shooting Sports for sponsoring the match and providing Range Bags, each filled with a few things, for the Division Winners!! Check Red Dirt out for shooting gear and some reloading equipment. Best part is that he will hand deliver to many local matches!! Thank you Sean for supporting River City and sponsoring this match!! 

And your Division Winners are:

Open: Mel Rodero

Limited: Jason Sauceda

PCC: JK Rowzee

Next up for River City is our Steel Match in November. Then we will host a GSSF match on Dec 1st & 2nd. Then it’s our year end break. Thank you to everyone who comes to our matches and supports River City. We all love to shoot, and appreciate all of the support!!

Today’s scores…. We finally had a day of good weather to be able to shoot a match. Our first one in over a month!! Thanks to all who came out to shoot with us!!


If you haven’t heard, we have a new River City Sponsor: Red Dirt Shooting Sports. Sean offers various gear for competition shooting as well as some reloading must haves!! Best part is that Sean will personally deliver to most River City Matches!! So check out his website for your shooting needs!!


River City Hosefest!! This match replaces our normal USPSA weekend. This match is a Hoser match with no Classifier, Open Targets, and high round counts on every stage. Check out the Practiscore registration for more information; search RCSC in Matches and you will find it. 

Registration closes on Friday 10/19/18, but we should be able to accommodate walk on shooters as well. Shoot Saturday or Sunday; 7 stages. Hammer Down will be 9am for both days. Registration / Check In will start at 8am. 

See everyone there!!

Scores from this Sunday’s USPSA Match. 71 shooters for this one!! Hope everyone had a good time and loved the stages!! Thanks for coming out!!!!!

Next up for us is our Steel match on Sept 9th. 9am Registration, 10am Hammer Down. 

USPSA – Sept 23

Oct Steel – Oct 14

River City Hosefest – Oct 27 & 28 (replaces normal USPSA match for this month)


Hello everyone. Here are your results from today’s Steel Match. We unfortunately had to drop one of the SCSA Stages from being a Classifier; so only 2 stages will go in as Classifiers. We do apologize about that!! 

Thank you to everyone who came out to shoot with us!! Hope everything had a great time!!

Next up for us will be USPSA on July 22nd. We are planning to have 6 light weight stages since it will still be hot in July. See everyone at the range!!


Hello Everyone, here are today’s scores for our Special Classifier Match. Hope everyone enjoyed the match with the challenging Classifiers. Thanks to all those staff who helped setup the match. And thanks to all those who came to shoot with us today!!

Next for us will be our Steel Match on 7/8. Please keep in mind that we also have our Hosefest Match setup for October 27th and 28th. Shoot either Saturday or Sunday. Registration for the Hosefest is open on Practiscore. Use the link below and search ‘RCSC’ for our Hosefest Match.

Thanks and see everyone at the range!!

Hello Everyone. Steel scores from today are up and ready to view. Thank you to all who came out to shoot with us today!! Hope everyone had a great time.

Next up for us is our Annual Special Classifier Match on June 24th. We did setup Registration on Practiscore for this one. Search RCSC on the Match section of Practiscore and then Login and Register for the match. We will still take payments at the range; and you still need to check in before 9:45am. But this will allow you to sign up and shoot with whoever you’d like to. 

Registration/Check In opens at 9am. Shooters Meeting at 9:50am. Hammer Down 10am. 

Hello Everyone, 

Results from today’s USPSA Match at River City. Thanks to everyone who came to shoot with us despite the heat today!! Hope everyone had fun.


Next up for River City is our Steel Match on 6/10/18. 

Then we will be having a Special Classifier match for our USPSA Match in June on 6/24/18. So if you’ve started up a New Division and need a Classification, come shoot with us on 6/24/18.