Hello Everyone!! Here are the scores from Sunday’s Steel Match at River City!! Thanks to everyone who came out to shoot with us!! Especially those who traveled to shoot with us!! Turned out to be a really nice day, so we hope everyone had a great time!!

Up next for us in the Annual River City Shootout on March 24 & 25. This will replace our regular USPSA weekend. Registration is still open on Practiscore and spots are still availabe, so get signed up today!! Shootout Check In will start at 8am. Hammer down time for the match is 9am.

Practiscore Shootout Registration Link:

Hello Everyone, here are scores for our first ever Steel Challenge Hybrid match. We had a great time and hope you did also. 6 total stages; 3 official Steel Challenge and 3 non-official. We will continue this format into 2018; shooting 2-3 Official Steel Challenge Courses and having 3 non-official Steel Courses. 22 friendly on these. In the future a little bit of movement, more than 5 shots per string, and 2 shots per target may be required on some of our courses. Here are the scores:

That closes the year out for River City. Up next will be Steel on Saturday, January 6th and then USPSA on Sunday, January 28th. Registration 9am, Hammer Down at 10am. See everyone there!!


Hello Everyone!! Here are scores from today’s USPSA match. The weather probably kept some away, but after a short rain, we ended up with a really nice day. Thanks to those who came out and had fun with us!!

November: we will have our traditional Steel Challenge match on Sunday, 11/12. We will do at least 6 stages of Steel Challenge classifiers (weather permitting). 

December: we will be switching our Steel match to the 1st Saturday. So we will shoot on Saturday, 12/2. This will be our first Hybrid Steel match. We will have 2-3 official Steel Challenge courses along with 2-4 non-official Steel courses. These may require more than one hit on steel. But will still be .22 friendly!! Come and check it out. 

December’s match will be our last for the year. We will update everyone on our 2018 plans soon. So please be looking out for that!! 

Hello Everyone!! Here are the scores from today’s SCSA match. 36 shooters today for Steel Challenge. Everyone seemed to have fun despite the heat. See you at our USPSA Match!!

Upcoming Dates for River City Matches:

USPSA: 8/27/17

SCSA: 9/10/17

USPSA: 9/24/17

River City Hosefest: 10/8/17 (no Steel Challenge in October)

GSSF hosted by River City: 10/14 – 10/15/17

USPSA: 10/22/17

Hello Everyone!! Thank you for all of those who braved the heat today and joined us for some USPSA!! It was a short but great match!!

Announcement: anyone who wants to pay for our October Hosefest match can do so locally at any upcoming match (Steel or USPSA). We have a lot of people on the wait list and would like to confirm everyone who is going to shoot the match ASAP!! If you’d prefer to do payment online please check the email you used for registration and you will find notes on how to take care of payment. Thanks!!

Hello Everyone, here are the scores from our USPSA match today. Thank you to everyone who came out!! We were able to get through 5 Stages and cleanup before any rain came in. Glad to see our traveling shooters!! As always, thanks for making the trip!!

Upcoming in July we have Steel Challenge on the 9th and USPSA on the 23rd. See everyone at the Range!!

Hello Everyone,

Here are the scores from June’s Steel Challenge Match. Thank you to everyone who came to shoot with us!!

Next up is our USPSA Match on June 25th. We will be setting stages up Saturday morning starting at 8am. We will let everyone know what kind of stages we have and the round count as we get closer.

Some of us will also be out for the Alpha Mike’s USPSA Match at Cedar Ridge this coming Sunday June 18th. See everyone at the range!!

Hello Everyone, we have posted the official scores for our Shootout Match on Practiscore. We would like to thank everyone who came out to shoot with us on this Holiday weekend despite the hot weather. We tried to put on a challenging but fun match for you.

We would like to take a second and thank our sponsors. San Antonio Gun Store Alamo Tactical put up a PCC build for this match and congratulations to Josephine Bednarek for being the winner!! Also Shay from Akai Custom Guns, Eddie from Eddie Garcia Custom Guns, and Alex from Ibejihead Bullets!! Thank you guys so very much!!

And last but not least, our River City crew!! Those that worked incredibly hard to make this match happen!! Thank you guys; you guys are truly Amazing!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to all the shooters from yesterday’s Multigun match. Scores are posted below:

May’s upcoming matches will consist of Steel Challenge on May 14th and then the River City Shootout will replace our 4th Sunday’s USPSA Match on May 27th & 28th. Spots are still available for the Shootout and registration is open on Practiscore.

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