Just about 2 weeks away from our 2nd ever PCC 2 Gun Match. Registration is open on Practiscore under RCSC. Time Plus style match with a minimum # of rounds per target. Pistol must be 9mm 125pf or higher per USPSA style rules. If you don’t have a PCC, we will allow for Carbines (223/7.62×39 etc) and 22 LR Semi Auto Rifles.

Registration / Check In will be 9-9.45am. Shooters must be on the range by 9.45am in order to participate. Hammer Down is 10am. Cost for the match is $25 Cash Only.

See everyone at the Range!!

Reminder that we will be hosting a Carbine Match on Sunday 9/12. This will be a Time Plus match with no scoring zones. Only a minimum # of hits required.

Divisions will be: Carbine (223) / Heavy (308) / PCC. Optics and Irons for each Division.

$25 for the Match. Registration is open on Practiscore now!! Check in is 9am-9:45. Hammer Down 10am. Competitors must be at the range by 9:50am in order to participate.

See everyone at the range!!

Stages are currently set. As of right now we are a GO. We will be monitoring the weather over this evening and the morning. Before today’s rain the range had been doing well. Drying out with the sun and no rain for a couple of days. If a cancelation is needed, we will post on Facebook and Txipsc.

See everyone at the range!!

We are going to switch it up. We will not be hosting a SCSA Steel Challenge Match. We will instead host a HYBRID STEEL MATCH. 5 fun mixed stages with just a touch of movement added in. 22 friendly.

We will recognize the following Divisions: Open Pistol, Production Pistol, PCC, 22 Rifle, and 22 Pistol. Each will have the option of Low Round Count (1 hit per target) or High Round Count (2 hits per target).

See everyone at the range!!

A few notes / reminders. Hammer Down is 9am for this match. Check In / Registration is 8-8:45am. Please make sure to check in as soon as you make it to the range so that we know you are there to shoot.

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!! For those shooting Sunday. That is Daylight Savings. Spring Forward. 2am becomes 3am. Please don’t show up at 10am to shoot.

Also, a reminder that this match is Rain or Shine. Stages are set and ready to go!! See everyone at the range.

Stages are set!! We are ready to rock & roll Rain or Shine!! We have 8 stages for you. Round Count is 202. Check in / Registration is 8:00am to 8:45am. HAMMER DOWN is 9am!!

We still have registration open. If you are not signed up, get signed up today!!

We still have space for this year’s Shootout Match coming up on Saturday 3/13 or Sunday 3/14!! Pre Registration is open so get signed up!!

7 stages for this one. Hammer Down is 9am on both days for this match. Check in will start at 8am until 8:45am.

See Everyone at the Range!!

Quick Reminder that we have our monthly USPSA match coming up on 2/28/21. We are Not doing Pre-Registration for this one. And we unfortunately again will have to monitor the rain forecast. But we really hope to be able to have this one.

Registration at the range 9-9:45am. Hammer Down 10am.

See everyone there!!

Once again weather has not been in our favor. With wintery conditions expected on top of it being Valentine’s Day. We have decided to CANCEL our Steel Challenge match for 2/14/21.

Next up for us will be USPSA on 2/28. See everyone there!

Right now the Match is a GO!! We’ve been watching the weather and rain chances are there, but they do not look ‘match canceling.’ But please come prepared.

We are near full on Pre-Registration. If you registered and cannot make it, please reach out to us ASAP so we can make adjustments. Check in / registration is 9-9:45am. Hammer down 10am.

Reminder we have our first match of the year coming up Sunday January 10th. 6 Steel Challenge SCSA stages. Normal fees and times for this one. Registration 9 – 9:45am. Hammer Down at 10am.

Then we will host our USPSA match on January 1/24/21. Pre-Registration is already open for this on Practiscore. Search RCSC. Get signed up today.

Last Match of the year for us. Hybrid Steel Match. 5-6 stages of non-SCSA stages. Trying to mix it up. Add in just a touch of movement in the stages.

No Pre-Registration for this one. Just come out and shoot. Registration 9-9:45am. Hammer Down 10am. If you plan to shoot, please come before 9:45.

See everyone at the range!!

A few notes about this Sunday’s Carbine Match. We are hoping to have a rooftop type position and possibly kneeling involved. Warning to come prepared with clothing.

Magazines: no limit to length. However, NO DRUM Mags allowed.

We should have some clay targets and some small zoned targets. Most stages will be closer targets as our bays are smaller.

See everyone there!!

Reminder that we are hosting Carbine Match this coming Sunday 11/8/20. Registration opens 9-9:45am. Hammer Down 10am. Round count around 150. We are NOT doing Pre-Registration for this one.

Divisions: Carbine, Heavy & PCC. Irons & Optics for each. Time Plus scoring. Must have 2 hits per target.

See everyone at the range!!

Reminder, our annual River City Hosefest, sponsored by Red Dirt Shooting Sports, is this coming weekend. October 10th & 11th. 7 stages of outlaw stages. Round count of 354.

No hard cover or No Shoots. Lots of open targets for fast running and gunning. 3 Divisions only: Limited / Open / PCC. ALL scored as MAJOR no matter what you are running. Space is still available so get on Practiscore and get registered.

HAMMER DOWN is 9am for this match, both days. Registration / Check In begins at 8am both days. Even if you pre-registered, please come check in.

See everyone at the range!!